Improv for Adults


Improv for Adults

Running June 15th – July 27th. Tuesdays from 7:00 – 8:00PM. 



Our Director of Acting, Debra Macut, is back in the studio with a fast paced and fun improv class for those 18 and older! This class is perfect for everyone–beginners, more experienced actors, those who want to gain more confidence in public speaking, and those who just want to have some fun! All you need is an open mind and lots of energy!

One of the greatest benefits of studying at Popovsky Performing Arts Studio is that you are not only learning from experienced instructors, you are also learning from performers. The real-world experiences that the instructors at PPAS share with their students are an invaluable resource.

No matter if you want to feel more confident in the audition room, are looking into performing for the first time, have done a dozen shows, or simply think this sounds inviting – we have a place for you here! All experience levels are welcome, and our experienced staff are ready to meet you right where you are.