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Our Studio

Mission Statement

To develop well-rounded, dynamic performers.

Studio History

Popovsky Performing Arts Studio was launched in 2007 as Popovsky Studios in East Petersburg, Pa. The studio was founded with the purpose of helping young singers to develop both in technique and performance ability while engendering their love of the art.

In 2008, the studio began offering semi-annual recitals in order to provide the students regular performance experiences. Mr. Derek Martin then came on board both as the staff accompanist and second voice teacher.

In 2009, Popovsky Studios launched its first annual summer program. While this program continues to grow and develop, the summer experience revolves around exposure to the process of developing the character for performances. During the camps, we encourage students to tie all the pieces together. Whether it be in the Performance workshop or the Musical Theatre workshop, students are encouraged to explore what it takes to marry acting, character, movement, staging and scene work together into a final performance (with or without music).

As the studio grew, I realized that Popovsky Studios had the ability to grow beyond just a voice studio. By only training singers privately, the goal of creating well-rounded, enthusiastic, dynamic performers was not being met. The studio has since expanded to offer students more opportunities to help them reach their individual goals.

2010 was a year of major changes. Popovsky Studios became Popovsky Performing Arts Studio. The studio more than doubled its physical size as well as adding a new voice teacher and an acting instructor. The studio could now offer a series of acting classes, workshops, and master classes as well as our private voice lessons. This allowed the studio to work toward it’s goal of creating well-rounded performers.

Popovsky Performing Arts Studio offered a night of entertainment in 2011 with the intent of giving back to our community. The “Gifts from the Heart” benefit concert was so successful that the studio has made it an annual occurrence.

In 2012 the Studio once again was on the move. The time had come to expand the facility to meet growth client needs. On January 2nd of 2012 moved to a larger facility in Manheim Township. The expanded facilities allowed for the addition of dance classes allowing the studio put all the pieces together: Voice, Acting, and Dance to create truly well-rounded performers.

The opportunities at Popovsky Performing Arts Studio are endless, but our goal always remains the same:

We are devoted to the development of well-rounded, dynamic performers through careful instruction and personal attention.

Yours in music,
Michael B. Popovsky